About us

About mykidsspending.com

A parent portal to view and fund student spending accounts on the web.

Benefits for Parents and Students :Parents and students can use their email address and a unique password to access their MyKidsSpending account. Parents with multiple children in a school, and even across schools that use MKS, can manage all of their children's accounts through their one MKS login.

Benefits for Schools: MyKidsSpending takes the school out of the incidental reporting and collection process. It gives parents more timely access and greater control of their student's incidental spending at your school.

MyKidsSpending.com is part of Odin, Inc., a leading supplier of Point of Sale solutions
For over twenty years, Odin has been developing software to help schools efficiently manage bookstores, cafeterias and other
spending areas on campus. Here at Odin, we listen to the needs of our customers to provide fast, easy-to-use, and affordable
solutions to their POS needs.